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Our role in the project...

•  In the UK today, oral Histories are big business. It is virtually impossible to turn on the television or radio without hearing a piece of information which has not, in some way used a personal oral history.

•  The project has given us a great opportunity to work with Social partners including various older people's organisations, Further Education Colleges, schools and musuems.

•  DHE Solutions is acting with the other partners to collect stories and ensure that they are seen by as many people as possible, as well as making sure they are used as a learning tool for all ages. We will also ensure that the stories are deposited around the country in public archives and that all forms of media and search mechanisms are alerted to their existence.

•  DHE Solutions is also very keen on establishing and measuring the benefits for each of the target groups. For older people there may therapeutic benefits including self-worth, pride, a greater status within society, new connections through meeting people and virtually via the stories on the Internet. While benefits for younger people may include improving practical skills such as media, research, interviweing and other social skills to help improve employability.

•  A third group of beneficiaries are those who use the films (and unedited raw material) for research and for educational purposes. Currently we are developing curriculum materials which will be trailed by local schools, colleges and universities, to establish to what extent short personal oral histories can be used as an effective educational resource to supplement more traditional methods in the classroom, or in other settings such as museums, libraries, archive departments and other non-formal educational settings. Please see our prezi which outlines this development.

•  DHE Solutions also has a special role within the project as internal evaluator, ensuring that all the systems within the project work well.

•  As English first speakers, we have also agreed to proof read all the documents which go into the public domain.

•  DHE Solutions looks forward to continuing its efforts to ensure that MyStory a great international success story.

•  Following the completion of MyStory, DHE Solutions have developed several spin off projects, which it is currently bringing to fruition.

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