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The kick off meeting was hosted by EuroEd in Iasi during January 2011. Here partners introduced themselves, discussed the aims and objectives of the project and agreed protocols for the partnership, following which a work plan was agreed for the first year of the project.

The second meeting took place in Helsinki and was hosted by Context Learning . Here partners agreed on the structure of the films, the content categories and communications.

The third meeting was hosted by DHE Solutions Ltd and took place in Lancaster.UK in November 2011. Here we screened the first 10 examples of test films. The partnership was impressed with the first efforts, and further agreements were made on content, quality, and targets for the next twelve months.

An additional fourth meeting was hosted by EuroEd and took place in Bucharest in March 2012. This meeting was focused on quality assurance since many technical issues arose as a result of making the first films. We agreed further protocols including the need to hold regular skype meetings to keep each other closely updated.

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