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MyStory is a Key Activity 3 (ICT) EU project working with social partners including Schools and older people institutions to produce a repository of interesting original personal stories as told by the older people. The MyStory project began in January 2011 and will run for three years. It is supported with 75% funding from the European Commission.

The aims of the MyStory project are to record older peoples interesting stories. Students with good ICT skills will conduct the interview, which will then be edited into a short film which will be uploaded onto the internet. To accompany the film, the students will also produce a short video biography stating why they have chosen to do the interview. Finally the student will show the older person how to surf the internet and find their story.

The collection of stories, which are currently coming from the UK, Romania, Lithuania, Finland and Slovenia, are publically available so that they can be used as an educational resource.

So if you have an interesting story to tell, or you know someone that has, please get in touch.

There are many benefits to telling a story, and equally as many benefits to listening. We are particularly interested to record the therapeutic benefits for older people. Please watch Sister Zela below....

  Sister Zela: The benefits of telling a story.
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