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InterAct is a valuable training tool designed to improve work related skills through problem-solving and role play between small teams interacting over a web-based platform. (Currently Moodle)

InterAct focuses on developing, testing and exploiting a model for improving ‘New Basic Skills’: language and communication; teamwork; ICT and familiarity with the Internet; intercultural awareness; entrepreneurship; negotiation and motivation. It is especially appropriate for unqualified or low-qualified workers – often immigrants - whose first language is not English, giving them the opportunity to establish pathways for career development and to avoid or overcome marginalisation. There are many benefits for employers

InterAct was developed as a Leonardo da Vinci pilot project, co-ordinated by the Norwegian Institute for Adult Learning (VOX) with a partnership from Norway, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom. In each country, the project team was made of an educational institution on one side, and companies representing Tourism & Accommodation and Health & Care on the other.

Project teams from each of the participating countries interacted over a web-based platform to solve a number of challenging problems, each of which was based around one or more of the new basic skills.

The InterAct training model has now been tested with various groups of users. Feedback shows that it is an exciting and innovative way of learning a range of new skills. It also gives participants valuable opportunity to engage with colleagues from other countries doing similar jobs.

Piloting of the interAct model has clearly indicated that it has a much wider application.


The UK partners involved in the initial piloting were:

For comprehensive information on InterAct including all partners, scripts, user handbook and various articles see the InterAct Site





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