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Project Materials ...

Final product - Migrants' Integrating Kit

The final INTEGRA product can be downloaded for free here -

Installation instructions:

  • Click on the above link to download the '' file
  • Right click on the '' folder (compressed/zipped file folder) and select 'Extract All...'
  • Once all the files have been extracted double click 'start.exe'
  • The programme should then begin to run and you will be prompted to make your language selection (EN for English).

If you enncounter any problems with downloading or installing the product then please contact us for an alternative installation procedure or to receive the product in its CD format.

We have also produced a UK version of the INTEGRA Training Workshop Facilitators Manual which is downloadable from here. (36 pp) This contains the six 'language skills workshops, complete with scenarios and warm up exercises.

Additional learning materials such as simulations, implemented training videos and a glossary of useful phrases can be found on the INTEGRA website which can be accessed here.


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