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INTEGRA is a Grundtvig Multilateral project which aims to work together with social partners such as migrant communities and financial institutes to create a Europe wide network of organisations to help migrants to improve integration by providing resources to improve understanding and language skills on basic financial matters. (Partners are from Lithuania, Greece, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, UK, Poland & Belarus).

11 partners from across Europe combined their expertise and knowledge to create resources relating to the understanding and management of finance, in order to help migrant communities integrate into local society faster and more effectively.

The INTEGRA project ran from October 2010 until October 2012 - however DHE Solutions are still actively disseminating the project and are willing to provide guidance and assistance to all those wishing to utilise the final INTEGRA product.

On 18th September 2012 DHE Solutions coordinated a exploitation workshop for the project which was hosted by the Barnet Ethnic Minority Parents Association.
The workshop consisted of presentations and handouts to ensure all participants understood the full aims and objectives of the project. The final CD product was then discussed in which issues such as what training support was available from both social partners, and DHE Solutions, were covered before each attending organisation were provided with the final product.
The workshop closed with a question and answer session in which PAIWAND, one one of the social partners present, endorsed the product and explained how beneficial the INTEGRA training had been their organisation.
The workshop was attended by representatives from London Borough of Barnet, PAIWAND, Rustam Supplementary School, Living Way Ministries, Aidexel Support Services, Community Barnet, Barnet Homes and Somali community development project - all of who agreed the event was an overall success.

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